Standard modulus carbon fibers typically exhibit a fiber modulus of 33-34 msi, or slightly higher. These are the most cost-effective fibers as measured by tensile strength or modulus per unit cost. Toray's T300 standard modulus carbon fibers are a recognized industry standard, having been in production for over 30 years. T700S is the highest tensile strength, standard modulus carbon fiber available in the industry. Standard modulus carbon fibers are available in tow sizes from 1K to 24K.

T300 Baseline carbon fiber used in aerospace applications with over 20 year service history. Has 30 year production history and is known for balanced composite properties, high quality and consistency, reliability and availability of supply. Available in 1K, 3K, 6K and 12K tow sizes.

Enhanced tensile strength over T300, which translates to improved open-hole tensile properties in quasi-isotropic laminates, providing increased safety and reliability. The fiber is commonly used in aerospace applications. Available in 3K, 6K and 12K tow sizes.

T400H Enhanced tensile strength and modulus over T300 and T300J, specifically designed for aerospace applications. Available in 3K and 6K tow sizes.
T700S The highest strength, standard modulus fiber available, with outstanding processing characteristics for filament winding, weaving and prepregging. This never-twisted fiber is used in a variety of industrial and recreational applications, including pressure vessels such as natural gas vehicle (NGV) storage tanks and SCBA breathing tanks. Available in 6K, 12K, and 24K tow sizes.
T700G Enhanced tensile modulus and adhesion properties over T700S. Applications of this never-twisted fiber include aircraft and high performance sporting goods where demanding conditions require superior composite properties. Available in 12K tow sizes.

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