TORAYCA® carbon fibers, produced in a wide range of material properties, are specifically designed to meet your diverse and challenging applications.

Important features of TORAYCA® carbon fiber products include:

The broadest product line available, including the highest strength and stiffness fibers available in the marketplace.
Minimal deformation due to thermal effects, with coefficients of thermal expansion in the axis direction on the order of -0.4 to -1.0 x10-6/K.
Electrically conductivity and transparency to X-ray radiation.
Acid, alkali, salt and solvent resistance.
A selection of surface characteristics for compatibility with high performance epoxy resin systems as well as phenolic, vinyl ester and unsaturated polyester resin systems.
Versatility to be processed using a variety of composite processing methods including weaving, braiding, prepregging, filament winding, pultrusion, chopping and milling.
Manufacturing under ISO 9001 quality assurance systems, with identical product manufacturing specifications, regardless of the location of manufacture.

TORAYCA® carbon fibers are designated by two main types:

T series high strength fibers with both standard and intermediate modulus values and
M series intermediate and high modulus fibers, including higher strength MJ series fibers.
A summary data sheet of the entire TORAYCA® carbon fiber product line is available here.

The following links provide additional information, including product data sheets, to assist you in selecting the correct TORAYCA® carbon fiber for your specific application. Note that all values listed on these data sheets are typical lot average properties and do not guarantee any specific values. Data sheet values are to be used for material selection purposes only and not for design. If your application requires guaranteed values, please contact a member of our sales and technical team. They will assist you in establishing a material specification for your application.

Standard Modulus Carbon Fibers
Intermediate Modulus Carbon Fibers
High Modulus Carbon Fibers
High Strength Carbon Fibers
ISO 9001 Quality Assurance System
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