Toray to Expand "TORAYCA" Carbon Fiber Production in the U.S.
April 26th, 2004

Toray Industries, Inc., announced today the production capacity expansion of its TORAYCA® polyacrylonitrile (PAN)-based carbon fiber and prepreg U.S facilities, in response to growing composite materials demand.

The production capacity expansion planned for Toray Carbon Fibers America, Inc. (CFA), located in Decatur, Alabama includes; 1,800 tons per year of PAN-based carbon fiber and approximately 3,600 tons per year of acrylic "precursor" fiber. The prepreg production capacity expansion will take place at Toray Composites, (America), Inc. (TCA), located in Tacoma, Washington USA. Both are scheduled to come on stream in early 2006. Total investment amount will be about 16 billion Yen.

After completion of the new PAN-based carbon fiber production lines, CFA's annual carbon fiber capacity will reach 3,600 tons per year and the Toray Group's global PAN-based carbon fiber production capacity will be 10,900 tons per year.

At present, the global demand for PAN-based carbon fiber is approximately 20,000 tons per year. Over the next decade, the demand is forecast to continue growing at 7 - 8% per year with the recovery of aeronautical applications and expansion of industrial applications. Toray decided to locate these expansions in the U.S. to establish optimum supply chains.

Toray regards carbon fiber production as one of its strategically expanding businesses. Based on its worldwide PAN-based carbon fiber operations in the Japanese, Asian, U.S., and European markets, Toray intends to expand its businesses worldwide as a leading carbon fiber manufacturer.

Updated Outline of Toray Carbon Fibers America, Inc. (CFA)

Established: December 1997
Headquarters: Decatur, Alabama
Production capacity: 1800 tons per year

Worldwide Carbon Fiber Production Capacity of Toray Group
Unit: tons per year

Oct. 2004
Japan (Toray)
4,700 tons
4,700 tons
4,700 tons
France (SOFICAR)
800 tons
2,600 tons
2,600 tons
1,800 tons
1,800 tons
3,600 tons
Toray Group Total
7,300 tons
9,100 tons
10,900 tons

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