Intermediate modulus (IM) carbon fibers exhibit a tensile modulus of 42 msi. Originally developed for aerospace applications, IM fibers now find use in recreational and industrial applications as well. Toray offers a broad range of IM fibers with a mix of price and performance characteristics to meet the needs in a broad range of industries. Toray's IM fibers are available in 6K, 12K, 18K and 24K tow sizes.

T800H An intermediate modulus, high tensile strength fiber, with high level and balance composite properties. Designed and developed to meet the weight saving demands of aircraft applications. Is used in primary structure of commercial aircraft, including vertical fin and horizontal stabilizers. Available in 6K and 12K tow sizes.
T800S A very cost-effective, high tensile strength alternative to T800H. This never-twisted fiber has especially high tensile properties. Available only in a 24K tow size.
T1000G The world's highest tensile strength carbon fiber. Suitable for lightweight, tensile strength critical applications such as pressure vessels for aerospace vehicles, and satellites, as well as hydrogen storage tanks for fuel cell vehicles. Available only in a 12K tow size.
M30S A highly cost-effective alternative to T800H, where transverse composite properties are less critical. This never twisted fiber is mainly used in lightweight tensile strength-driven applications such as industrial pressure vessels. Available as an 18K tow size fiber.
M30G Similar to M30S, but with improved transverse composite properties and slightly lower tensile strength. This never-twisted fiber is widely used in sporting goods applications. Available as an 18K tow size fiber.

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